Picky Pickers

I thought I would share with you, what Vintage Peach is all about. My husband and I decided to launch this little side business, because we discovered this passion we both had since little kids. My husband has always been the guy hunting for bargains at thrift stores and garage sales; I've always been the one fascinated with the "Olden days" and the significance the past has in our day to day lives. Together, I think we make the perfect pair to create this amazing little store we call, Vintage Peach. We want to awaken a desire for all things used, old, overlooked, recycled, unwanted, antique, thrifty and potentially junky to the individuals who think those things are not important. We would love nothing more than the younger generations to appreciate how amazing it is to hold something that is a century old in your hands. To picture who once owned that piece, what it's been through and how treasured it once was. We just don't do things the same anymore, we don't make things the same anymore and we don't appreciate things the way we use to anymore. I feel like we've gotten lazy and settled for things of lesser quality. We are throwing away our grandmother's old stuff because we think it's not useable, reliable or pretty. If only they knew, then we wouldn't be finding vintage furniture or antiques at the dump ready to be lost forever. 

I thought I would document, what seems to be a pretty normal routine for us these days. Our "picking" adventures. It's amazing what you will find if you just get your hands a little dirty, dig a little deeper and search a little harder. 

Boxes and boxes of "rusty gold".

We have to constantly dig, even when it's just for something little.

You will find all sorts of random stuff, but you keep looking anyway!

Is it weird that this excites me? I guess if you love what you do, then it's perfectly ok. 

It's so disappointing when you find a unique piece you know will look awesome cleaned up, but it's been broken or trashed. So sad. 

I especially love suitcases, old recipe books and things from the 40s. 

A few jars and ceramic jug. You don't have to use them for the obvious: jars make great containers for displaying craft items like buttons or thread. Ceramic jugs look cute on a table with fresh flowers. 

Our cart is getting full, which is a good sign of a successful picking day.

Purchased for a good price, now time to go home and clean it all up, paint, fix, restore and share with all our lovely friends!


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