Easy project

I decided that since I had a million sheets of felt laying around, I would do something fun and creative for the first time in a while!  Turns out, my little felt project was super easy (thanks to the little inspiration I got from Mrs. Priss blog) and one of the quickest crafts I've done in a while! So, my husband and I relaxed and watched a bit of television...of course. We both worked on our little projects, feeling quite content in the silence of our little living room.  I managed to whip up a few felt flowered lovelies and am in love with them already! I'm appreciating the bright colors for fall and the vintage vibe you get when you wear one with your outfit. It never hurts to have a burst of color on something so delicate and darling as a felt flower! I encourage you to buy some felt (as cheap as it is, you can't go wrong) and have a little fun with your project. There are SO many things you can create, so do a little research and see what comes up! Feel free to share your neat ideas!



  1. Sooooo easy! Your turn :)

  2. Anonymous22.10.10

    But I only have Christmas colors left in my felt drawer.... Could be interesting!

  3. Haha...could be indeed :)