Vintage Peach

So here it is, our mini endeavor: Vintage Peach. I guess it all happened quickly and by complete surprise. It's one of those ideas you throw out there and wait for the reaction. I guess my husband and I felt good about the afterthought. If you've ever watched American Picker's and felt this feeling of sheer excitement come over you, then you have a clue about what I'm saying. There is something so invigorating when you walk into a thrift store, a yard sale or even an antique store. You are surrounded by millions of items that were once someone's favorite treasure, now forgotten. You want so badly to find those forgotten items and make them someone's cherished piece of art or furniture. I have items like that in every room of my home. So that's it really, what our mini endeavor is all about. Taking the old, unwanted and fixing them up to make brand new treasures. Pictures of items will follow shortly! Enjoy! 


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