Steal of a deal

Last weekend, while in Santa Barbara, we stumbled across this wacky store. I wouldn't even call it that, it was an open market of the most RANDOM stuff. I'm talking random. From seat belts, sequins, wooden frames, prints, vases, cards, wrapping paper, furniture, masks, comic books, knobs, fabric and SO much more. Don't ask me where they got all that stuff, but there was piles of it. The prices were super cheap and I knew I had to jump on this opportunity....but what to get?!?! I came across some beautiful stones of all sorts of colors and sizes. I grabbed just a selected few to take home with me. I could totally see them making vintage inspired earrings! I think I might have found another hobby and addiction! 



  1. Anonymous24.9.10

    Let me go with you next time... I wish there were cool and random shops like the one you visited where I live... Gorgeous earrings! And gorgeous girl too! Good luck with the craft circle, dear Lidy!


  2. You are welcome to come with me ANYTIME! It would be such a pleasure :) I'm sure there are some sort of shops like that where you are....sometimes you have to look real hard. I wonder if there are any local flea markets? Thanks my dear friend, as always, for your kind comments!

  3. Lidy those are so cute! Good Job!

  4. Thanks Jenelle! So glad you like them!!! xoxo