Let's talk inspiration

Today I thought I would put my projects aside and talk about the people that have given me that inspiration to create! I am always looking at blogs throughout the day...sometimes hours will go by and I have been sitting in one spot glued to my monitor. I can't complain, but I'm sure my husband would like to see me once in a while. I feel like I have so much energy to put into little creations here and there. I wish I could say it came from within myself, but that wouldn't be true. Apart from a God who blesses me more than I deserve, I am surrounded by a world FULL of creative people. Doesn't it make you sick, the things people can do and come up with? I feel this excitement come over me....why can't I do that?! And I can. I just have to work at it, that's all.

So, to all you individuals that have helped me discover my inner passions to create lovely things: I dedicate todays blog to you. Here are a few pictures I have taken from a few of my favorite blogs.

1.Grey Gardens: Must see movie and the interior decor is what I want my house to model after....one day!

2. Apartment Therapy: For all your home makeover questions and ideas! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this site. They have some of the cutest homes I have ever seen and tons of project ideas. I loved this one: Flea Market Faboosh. 

3. Love Fox Vintage: A relatively close business, which I have the utmost respect for. 2 girls decided to take a step out into the unknown and venture into the business world selling vintage clothes and finds. It's not just the items they sell that inspire me, but the risk they took to turn a dream into a reality! I have blogged about these guys once, but I wanted to write about them again because they have inspired me to set goals and push through fears. I'm chasing my dreams....slowly! 

"love fox vintage is all about our love for beautiful vintage, our search for vintage & lovely people, things & places that inspire our creative musings.  love fox vintage is also a shop in downtown Ventura, CA that we have poured so much love into.  Every thing in our little fox den has been recycled, salvaged & revamped to create a warm and inviting shopping space for our customers.  we make sure to stock our shop with lots of one-of-a-kind treasures: vintage pieces from the 50s-80s, shoes, hats, purses and vintage & handmade jewelry.  our mission is to encourage people to shop pre-loved instead of brand new, thus recycling & being a part of a community that reduces consumption as much as possible.  we are also passionate about local arts and want to support artists, musicians and designers.  and, we simply love vintage & think it can still be modern and fresh!  we also have fun dressing up!  read our blog to find out more of who love fox is and visit our online store"


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