Adventurous Get-a-way

Seeing as it is the long weekend, my husband and I decided to have a little get-a-way. An adventurous one at that. We got up super early and made our way to Santa Barbara. We heard a rumor that they host a craft fair where residents show their arts and crafts. It's a wonderful mixture of specialties. Unfortunately, the weather was a bit gloomy and a few vendors were absent. I did, however, find a few vendors that I loved!

The first artist we saw was Neal Crosbie. He specializes in painting, pen, ink and sculpture. We noticed his amazing work and if we could afford it, there would have been nothing keeping us from taking one of his pieces home! We all had a great conversation about art, travel, inspiration and his wonderful creations. He also has a fetish with Mt. Fuji and a particular character......

The second artist we came across was Cimmerii. I was instantly pulled in, I could tell she was the many talents you would find on Etsy. Of course, she was. She makes the most adorable Eco-friendly dolls and plush handmade items. All her work is one of a kind and taken from original patterns. Now, being eco-friendly you will find that the little owls are made from recycled plastic bottles and recreated into extremely durable felt. Crazy. She also uses vintage and thrifted fabrics and stuffs her dolls and plushies with fiberfill. Actual corn fiber made within USA. And besides all that, they are SO cute. We had to buy one for our niece....I kinda wanted one myself! This is something I'm gonna have to try and make, so thank you Cimmerii for the wonderful inspiration! 

The last artist that caught our attention was Meg. I have NEVER seen pottery like this before. It's such beautiful work and the process she uses to make her pottery is unbelievable. I love her bowls!!!! Seriously, I am going to start collection of her work slowly, but surely. We bought one of her small ceramic bowls. It has a vintage red color with a pop of yellow and gorgeous design! There are also a few shown below that we wish we could have brought home with us. 

I love being able to explore these wonderful art and craft fairs! There is endless inspiration when walking the isles upon isles of booths. I wish I could make a living making road trips to different cities within California and documenting all the wonderful pieces of work I see. That is truly my inspiration! So happy I can share it with all of you! 


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