Stumbled upon something wonderful...

As mentioned before, I am always on the look out for cool markets and such. While in Calgary, Alberta, Canada I stumbled upon something wonderful! Market Collective is a fantastic community of artists, artisans and musicians who gather together to showcase their amazing work! Located in the trendy area of Kensington, you wouldn't want to pass this up if you happened to be in the neighborhood. In 2008, this dream turned into a reality, thanks to two local women. Now, it is a thriving space that exists to promote local artists and Calgary's amazing culture! I was lucky enough to be visiting that same weekend and had the pleasure to walk around and appreciate the diverse talent of these artists. Here is a small sample of some of them! The talent in that one place was phenomenal! 

Hoakon Loves Helga is an amazing artist who handcrafts accessories. Here, she used old leather jackets to make adorable clutch purses! She also had cute vintage jewelry, which is always fabulous to look at! You can also check her out at Antler Magazine, which is a digital fashion, art and culture magazine! 

Amy Victoria Wakefield is an amazing photographer who is also skilled in editorial, conceptual, fine art, advertising, portrait and fashion! These are some BEAUTIFUL prints I came across! I seriously wouldn't know which one to choose, since they are all unique and amazing pieces of work! I would have to say, she is living one of my many dreams! 

Tara Put is an amazing artist who specializes in some cute and creative drawings! She has an amazing gift and creates some really adorable pictures!!

Nic Riess is a trained Architect, but loves to work in print, graphics and photography! She also has some amazing crafts and a gift for sewing up some awesome projects! 

Bird on wire and White Out workshop are two sisters who share a passion in the creative realm!  Bird on wire creates wonderful feathered jewelry, where most of the supplies are imported from South America from her sister. White out workshop does amazing prints and silkscreening! I think it's great how they support and help one another out!  

Courtney Nicole is a talented photographer who has some beautiful prints! I actually bought a few myself and have them hanging in my living room. I love how she captures her subjects; whether it be individuals, horses or land! It's definitely refreshing.

Jennifer Dooley is a photoactivist and social cause marketer. She has traveled many parts of the world to seek knowledge and capture on film the depth of humanity. She hopes to discover the beauty in each place she encounters and the depth of every human soul she meets. Regardless of their race, class, gender and religion. She is passionate and I think that can be very inspiring to us all!  Not to mention, she also is very creative!

Peeko Apparel literally took my breath away! This girl has some talent and it is so obvious if you saw what I saw! Luckily, I took a few pictures of just a small portion of what she does! Enjoy!

Caroline Tremblay is a school teacher by day, crafter by night! Who says you can't do both?! This is the kind of person I need to have over for tea to teach me how to live a balanced life and keep on being creative! Until then, I will keep on being inspired by individuals like her! 

Hope you felt inspired by all these amazing artists, I know I was! Thank goodness for willing people to share their ideas and dreams with those who dare to be creative!


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