Little Bean

A good friend and I were so inspired by this cute blog called BlueBird. It documents a mom's journey through pregnancy week by week.  We thought it was such a great idea, so we are going to borrow it. But just for the next 5 months! This is my dear friend Kyla's first journey through her pregnancy...hope you enjoy this month by month documentation of a little miracle! We are new to this, so forgive the missing first three months! We love you baby, but we are a little disorganized right now! 

Dear Bean,

We just laid our eyes upon your sweet little face! And let me tell you, you are sweet! We are so in love with you it is driving us mad! Thank you for being so good to me, these last 4 months have been the best of my life. You are so easy and allow me to cherish every second of this pregnancy. I hope that you can hear your daddy's sweet voice praying for you every night. I cant wait to know what you are, 3 short weeks! We love you so very much and CANNOT wait to meet you! Stay cozy, I'll be feeling you soon;)


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