Finds, finds, finds!

My husband is just as obsessed with thrifty finds as I am! It's refreshing to have him along with me when I am on the hunt for something original and unique because he gets it. He isn't grossed out by the mossy, damp smell of an antique store or afraid to dig through a pile of old "junk". I guess that's why he is more than the man I married, he is my best friend and has a lot of the same taste as I do.  He is also a lot more handy when it comes to fixing things up and does an amazing makeover to the old and beat up. Today after work, I walked in and he had a few surprises awaiting me! Best part about his surprise, it cost him no more than $10. Things like this just make my day:

He spotted this old record player at a yard sale. I love it!

He and I have been tossing ideas about projects we want to do together. We've been talking for a while about the popular cake holders you see almost everywhere now. He has been keeping his eyes open for retro plates and decided to make a few today. I was so excited, I was already trying to figure out where to put them!

Sometimes it scares me when he can read my mind! I've been wanting a retro piece in our kitchen. Something original and cute! I can't believe he found this adorable owl: he is cute, cuddly, red and retro! 

I love the little things you find that make your house feel more like your home. You know what they say, one man's junk is another man's treasure! 


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