Renegade Craft Fair, what can I say? 

So, Sunday we went to check out the LA Renegade Craft Fair. It was a hot day as we walked the endless aisles of vendors and awe inspiring crafts. The sun didn't seem to bother me, as my attention was devoted to each unique artists work in their neatly displayed booths. There were so many things to look at, it's hardly fair to be that talented or motivated. After a while, we began to feel like cattle as we grazed through the crowd on to the next cool thing. I didn't mind. I couldn't help but feel the need to race home, get on my sewing machine and start working on some sort of project. Maybe even take up crocheting, jewelry making, screen printing or design a Tee shirt. All I know is that leaving that place made me sad that it was all over. I am deeply inspired that people are so talented to come up with some truly remarkable pieces of work. Each is so unique and special. If you ever tried to sew something or make anything from scratch, you would know the hard work and time that goes into it. I can only imagine how much time people put into their projects at this fair. Here are a few moments I was able to capture as I drooled over my Sunday Fun day at the LA Craft Fair. 

The Urban Craft Center held a booth at the fair this year. I love the idea of this! UCC is a place where people gather to craft in the Santa Monica, Southern California area. The center has tons of room for people like me who want to be inspired, to learn and have fun! You can spread out projects and help yourself to the vast amounts of tools available for your use in their studio. Not to mention, they have classes, private lessons and a huge retail section with natural, hard to find items. It's on my to do list!

Of course, Etsy was spotted instantly with this cute backdrop! I had to snap a picture, it would be the perfect little project to start and have fun with! 

There was so much to look at and take in! Everything imaginable: from crafty books, handmade cards, cool plant holders, accessories, pottery, ceramics, posters, you just name it! It was all there!!!! 

This is one of the booths I stopped at. Make Shop Live takes what we consider trash and transforms them into unique treasures. They have started quite the collection and it was great talking with them at their booth! I love the idea of transforming old records into something useful! You know those records are at every yard sale where people are dying for you to take them off their hands! If you're interested in seeing more, just click on the link! 

Another booth I managed to squeeze into against the crowds of people was oh. hello friend. This was such a cute booth with SO many adorable finds! Some how I walked away with nothing in hand. Self control or just stupid?  Must have been the pressed time as I had the pressure of swarms of people around me! 

I also love the idea of taking old china and transforming them into mini cake stands! So easy to do, who would have thought!

These are just a few fun items I came across.

I fell in love with these! I love the simplicity of the dishes. Once again, I walked away empty handed. 

Another booth that grabbed my attention was Monkeys Always Look. I actually ordered these vintage garden markers from them on Etsy. I got a few for my mom for Mother's Day and she loved them! The booth had so many cute items, somehow I walked away with only one picture, but you can glance through some more of their cute stuff on the link! 

Of course, my husband was totally into this! He absolutely loves Threadless tee shirts and I can't argue. They are totally fun and not too expensive! It wasn't hard to spot them, since they had a pretty cool Airstream trailer beckoning you in!

I'm telling you, if ever you are in Los Angeles, Brooklyn, San Francisco or Chicago and you see that the Renegade Craft Fair is in town.....go! You will have a blast, leave inspired and leave looking forward to next year's! I've got to get going on some of these amazing ideas I seemed to have been left with...now all I need is a little bit more time and a lot of energy!


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