The thing about procrastinating

Another morning, with another million things I know I have to do. It seems the more you have to do, the more you put things off. As I try to grow into this new role as a photographer, I realize how organized you have to be. I have to set goals and actually stick to them. Otherwise, I find myself living day to day, rushing to meet deadlines and not really achieving what I set out to do. That's when suddenly I realize I'm not taking my photography serious and I'm just treating it like any other job: doing it just to get paid. I'm starting to get that sinking feeling of procrastination. I have to remind myself that I love what I do. Because the truth is, I do. I love making people feel happy when they see the final results of what I captured. I love to look back and see my progress....whether it got bad to worse or better. I love to get out there and take the opportunity to capture whatever it is that I feel moved by. Whether it's our mix-matched fence in the backyard, a quiet street downtown, or birds at flight. It's my passion and I shouldn't feel it slowing down, rather speeding up. The end result...I always feel satisfied! Here are a few shoots I have done this month in May. The beautiful wedding of Gavin and Sarah Bell, senior portrait of Tanner and precious baby Lily!


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