Learning to sew...

I will never forget the first time I learned to sew. I was in 7th grade taking a Home Economics class. My project was a pair of boxer shorts with yellow happy faces on them. I guess I figured that would be the easiest thing to do. I remember having no clue what I was doing and thought I was paying attention in class. Guess not. For some reason, I was in a hurry and I pressed hard on the pedal and figured it needed a good push. Let me tell you, I was forever changed. It had a lot more power than I thought and got those boxers sewn up in no time. Over the years I kept my distance from sewing machines. I was afraid of sewing my finger or maybe it just wasn't my thing. Then, the first year I was married my husband asked me what was something I might like to have for Christmas. I thought about it for days and seeing I had no ideas I blurted the words "Sewing Machine". What was I thinking? This was going to cause all sorts of expectations: from myself and him. Well, I got my sewing machine for Christmas that year. The box was sure pretty and the sewing machine so clean, crisp and white. It looked good on the table in the guest room. It made me feel a bit more domesticated. When friends or family came over it was something I could use to my advantage, "Hey, check out my sewing machine....it's awesome". Of course, this was in hopes they might look at more with a whole new light and amazement. Because everyone knows when you have a sewing machine you are automatically creative, industrious and overall amazing. It wasn't long until this scam wore off. People caught on to me and I had nothing to show off. Just the machine itself. It wasn't until we moved into our new house that I was given a project. Curtains. And not just any curtains, roman shades. At the time, I did not know what I was getting myself into, but thankfully my mother-in-law (Sewing queen) taught me a whole new way of sewing. A matter of fact, she was nothing like my 7th grade home economics teacher. My mother-in-law made it fun and rewarding. When we got all 8 roman shades sewn I was determined to keep at it. Since then, I have sewn a few things. I am NO expert, but I am still trying and some of the things I make are hideous. I know my husband and family are just being nice when they tell me it's awesome. But it looks like something a 3rd grader can do. I've made new roman shades for the kitchen, which ended up barely fitting in the window...the sun kind of peeps through still. I've made a couple pillows and a tea kettle cover. I envy people that are sewing queens, but my achievements may not be quilts, towels, cool pillows or boxer shorts. Mine is simply the fact that I got over one challenge and am trying something new. It's fun and I feel a sense of accomplishment when I'm finished sewing...even if its the ugliest thing I have laid my eyes on! 


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