Oh, how I miss....

I know it is so late....almost midnight. I should be asleep, dreaming, resting, and on my way to tomorrow. Yet, here I am with one thing on my mind. Tim Hortons.....oh, you use to be my guilty pleasure. Two or three of you use to put energy back into my routine, the spring in my step, the smile on my face, the boost in my job performance, that extra hour to keep me awake while at school or watching a movie. Lately, I have lived off of other caffeinated beverages from Starbucks or local coffee shops. I don't really remember what I'm missing until I find myself at Timmy's, sipping on that delicious liquid. Then I realize I have been missing out. If only I could carry handfuls after handfuls of you over the border with me. If only you could last months at a time in my system. Because at midnight, the only two words that I am able to think of is my dearly missed, guilty pleasure: Double Double. 


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