Chicks....soon to be chickens

It's been a week now, since we first got our little chicks. It was all my husbands doing. He has been talking about getting chickens for a while now. I've been trying to change the subject or just give him the old, "Yes, dear....over my dead body", kind of response. Well, I guess my message wasn't getting out strong enough. Considering that I now have two chicks named Bobby and Lance in my backyard. I won't lie; they are cute, fuzzy, adorable and vulnerable. I've always liked vulnerable things. The only thing is, I don't know the first thing about chickens. Only the bad things. Like they carry all sorts of diseases and the bird flu. So, I make sure to wash my hands every time I'm done holding one and try to make the best mother chicken sound I can so they know I'm the boss. My husband is totally into this whole thing. He built a chicken coop all for under $10. It's pretty cool looking, I'll give him that. He is already talking about going out there everyday to collect the eggs and is reading books on all things chickens. I wonder if we're ready for this. We aren't even sure if one of the chicks is a she yet. We seem to think its a he, considering the slight growth it has on its beak. I guess it's a sign it is going to be a rooster. I will put my foot down for that one: I don't want to be waking up every day to some cocker-doodle-doo punk outside my window. So, wish us luck as we raise our new family members. I'm slowly becoming a farmers wife....one cat, two chickens....please no more. 





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