Illustrated Portrait

While in one of my classes at school, I sat by a very talented young lady. She was and is an amazingly talented artist, which I strongly advice you to check her out on facebook or her online portfolio! I'm sure she would kill me to see this post, but I had to support another design students work in some way!!! 

I am a huge fan of Rifle Paper Co. I am particularly in love with these Christmas cards, they are so unique and wonderful! I can't really afford to spend that kind of money on our cards this year, so we did the regular picture card thing! I asked my friend if she would mind drawing our portrait based on a picture I had given her. I was thinking I might try to replicate it, which I did not end up doing. Perhaps next year! I did get my cute portrait drawn and decided to use it as part of our decor! I love it, it's so cute and quirky! 

Thanks Priscilla for being so sweet, it was a pleasure having class with you this year! 


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