Christmas Tag DIY

During the craziness of this season I am grateful I can squeeze some time in for my little blog! Thank you for being patient with me...it's been a BUSY week! Not to mention, I leave in 7 days for Canada to see family and friends. I'm super excited, but have a lot to do yet. I find myself doing my Christmas shopping last minute and quickly as possible! Eeks! Well that's my tidbit for the day, back to my post!!! 

Today I decided to share with you an easy DIY tag you can use on your gifts, cards or anything you can think of! It's all about handmade goodies and having fun in the process! 

What you will need:

Yarn or twine
Martha Stewart doily lace coaster and/or 
doily adhesives (or good card stock you can cut snowflake shapes from)
Hole puncher

What to do:

Simply cut a piece of yarn or twine long enough to wrap around your gift or card a few times. Put aside for later use. 

Take your coaster or card stock and punch a whole at the top, not too close to the edge.

Wrap the yarn around your item a few times until you have enough to tie a knot in the back. 

Slide yarn or twine through the hole on your coaster or card stock and bring to the front of your gift or card. Secure the back by tying a knot. 

Write a festive message and presto: you are finished! Did I mention it's really easy?! I hope you find this helpful and have fun doing your own little twist on your Christmas cards or wrapping this year! 


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