Today was a good day! I finished a final assignment at school, which always takes a load off my shoulders! It also puts me in the most wonderful mood. So much so I decided to put something fun up on the blog today! Well, I admit, mostly because I'm secretly wanting to show off my new favorite fall skirt that I scored from Forever 21. I'de hate to admit it, but you can find everything there for such a great price! My husband should thank me :) So, here is my second outfit to share with you all.  This is currently my most loveliest skirt! I love the color and high waste! The belt and buttons also give it a vintage and fun vibe! 

So what about you? Here is your chance to be featured on Bonjour and Hello!! How to participate: All you need to do is email me at hellolidy@hotmail.com, attach a single image, subject as "Currently loving", where you got your outfit (or single article of clothing), a link to your site (if any) by December 4th and you will be featured here next Tuesday! Hope you all participate! 



  1. Anonymous29.11.11

    Have that skirt in denim but i like yours more! I'll be sending you some pics;)


  2. Anonymous17.12.11

    You are so cute and I love you and I miss you and your outfit is adorable and and and and :( I misssssseesssss your face!