I had the pleasure of having a friend come over for her first lessons in sewing the other day. We put some tea on and drank at least five cups each. We skipped all the boring stuff and went straight to the good part,  which would be my first mistake! Nonetheless, it was so much fun. She did a fine job, considering it was her first encounter with a sewing machine. They can be very intimidating if you've never sewed before. We decided to do something festive and fun, so stockings seemed pretty simple. We enjoyed our tea and laughed every step of the way!  After a couple minutes she got comfortable and managed to finish her first project. I was crippled by laughter when she held up her finished product...a perfect little stocking.....which looked more like a golf club cover. It was fantastic! After adding some nice designs, she was very proud of her finished product!!

Perhaps my teaching skills aren't very good, but I documented our little craft session anyway! You better believe we will be doing this again sometime real soon! This is one of my favorite things to do (besides hitting up flea markets), you are always guaranteed to have a great time! 



  1. Anonymous19.11.11

    No way it was you... have you thought of tuning this crazy sewing machine of yours??? :) I'm not gone, by the way... just taking a long break from blogging until I get interesting stuff to blog about... and until I find balance and time. Until then... email is the way to go! If you have the hotmail address that goes as... sophiegXXXXXmoffat@hotmail.com.... then we can keep in touch! stay crafty!

    Sophie xxxxx

  2. Sophie!!! I have been missing you friend! What a great surprise to find this sweet message from you. I miss your blog, I thought it was great...I'm just really bad at posting comments. I'm getting better though :) I will be sure to try and email you every so often...I'm so bad though, giving you the heads up :( I'm more of a facebook addict!

    @Asian Girl: I will be sure to tell my friend you said she did a fine job! I'm sure she will appreciate it!!! haha :)

  3. Anonymous20.11.11

    That's brilliant!
    I have been toying with the idea of buying a sewing machine for a while now but have no idea to use one!
    I love the idea of making my own christmas stockings though!


  4. I say get one!! I have one and even though it's not being used very often, I always manage to do a fun project or two a year! I'm having fun giving my friends some sewing lessons right now...it's a good excuse to sip tea, craft and have a few good laughs! There are so many fun things you can do with a sewing machine, I say it's a great investment :)