Old Time Peddler's Fair

Last year, my husband and I had the pleasure of participating in our local Peddler's Fair. It was such an amazing and fun experience! We met a lot of experienced people who had bought and sold antiques and unique vintage pieces for years.  We were encouraged to open up a booth,Vintage Peach, at a new Antique mall in our town because of it, but it only lasted for about a year. It was definitely a lifestyle...you had to constantly be on the look out for new items for your store and invest in a lot! If we had more time, I think we would have been a bit more successful. Perhaps another chapter in our lives down the road, for now we will stick to our day jobs :) 

It's been a year already and even though we really wanted to jump back on that band wagon, we decided to just take it easy this time around and enjoy the fair as spectators! This is something I look forward to all year! 

It seems our theme this year was very industrial. Lots of wood, iron and brass. I love those textures! We found two antique wooden molds that were used to make gears from the turn of the century. I love that they have such history: originally they would lie the wooden frames in sand and then remove them so only an imprint remained. They would then pour iron into the imprint to form a cast iron gear. Who would have thought they would make such great decor for our home. 

We also found an old brass bird cage. I have plans to suspend it above our dining room table and place pillar candles inside and use it as a light source in our dining area. I saw something similar done on pinterest and couldn't get it out of my mind! 

Lastly, we found an old piece of pottery that  I have been wanting for awhile just to hold my serving utensils and what not. 

Thank goodness our entrance fee was good for both days because I think I just might go back for more!!


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