Halloween Party: Part I

Although today is officially Halloween, we decided to have our party last night and have a little fun! Today we will be having many trick or treaters  at our door, so this way we can concentrate solely on that. 

My husband and I worked all day to prepare for the festivities! I woke up early to start baking my pumpkin pies, prepping my appetizers and decorating. My husband cleaned outside so we could have our party under our pergola and finally enjoy the cooler weather. I couldn't have asked for a better night! Everything went smoothly and we enjoyed our mini photo booth and danced the night away (well, the girls did while the boys chilled outside). Today I will just show you pictures of the food and decor! Tomorrow I shall share with you some of the fun photo booth pictures! 

We all came up with some fun, creepy names for our food. Everyone brought an appetizer or dessert, which was great! There was double the food and we needed it, it was all gone before the night was through! 

Here are a few pictures of the food, decor and fun! 

On the Menu
Hot Cider

Hazelnut Coffee

Pumpkin Pie

Bacon Wrapped Water Chestnuts

 (very popular, can you tell?)

 Cheese bread with peppers and
olives, originally chips and salsa
 - Katelyn

Stuffed cheese and apple pastries
- Tara 

Rice crispy Treats
- Keri

The Decor inspired by black, white and silver 
from my previous  Beetle Juice post

Inside serving table

Fun spare door, added shelves
and candles for fun

Door #2 

Outside patio

Table decor

Sharing the night with great friends

Great friends, what can I say?
Stay posted for more! 

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  1. Anonymous1.11.11

    This looks so good great job! Love the decorations!