Halloween Party 

For the last few years, my husband and I have hosted a Halloween party at our home. Our friends, husband and I get all dressed up and we have a grand time! The costumes are half the fun! There's always plenty of food, games and good company! This year, I thought it would be fun to start a new tradition, by having a theme! This is something that will be easy to continue when we all start having families, of course it will be a bit more kid friendly! There are PLENTY of sites out there as a guide to a great party! If you are interested in hosting a kid-friendly party, check out this site! There are tons of great ideas, recipes and decorating ideas. 

I am SO excited to start planning this! Here is our theme, which you will notice is based on the fabulous 80's movie: 

At first I thought it would be hard to plan this out, but I decided to keep it simple. I am going to take certain elements of the movie and make it a bit more of a classier affair (the movie is a bit dark). I will keep the decor black, white and some patterns. I'm hoping I will get my husband to make a soundtrack to our evening!  The soundtrack to the movie is fantastic..especially Harry Belafonte's "Shake Senora"!

Here is the invite I made based on a site I LOVE! Hopefully these will be sent out this week!! 

Here are a very small selection of ideas I have and of course, Pinterest will help me out with more details!!! 

I will post pictures after next weekend! Can't wait!


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