Glittered Pumpkins

The other day, I drove across town for my photography class. Only, I didn't check my email that morning and the class ended up being cancelled. At first I was disappointed that I drove all that way for nothing, but I remembered there was a dollar store I wanted to check out for fun decor (sometimes you hit the jackpot).  This is the weekend of our  Halloween party we're hosting and I wanted to grab a few things. When I walked in, I was a bit overwhelmed. I saw a lot of decor, mostly generic and a bit cheesy for me. 

Was it worth it? YES, absolutely! I discovered some beautiful glittered pumpkins! These are so much fun and make everything feel a bit more modern and classy. You wouldn't think they were from the dollar store, they resemble these glitter skulls from West Elm. Only, they are pumpkins which are a lot less creepy. The great thing about pumpkin decor is that they can be used throughout the month of November during Thanksgiving as well. I think I shall use these years to come, I am always a fan of decor that can be used more than one holiday at a time! 

I splurged a little and bought 6 so I could use them as a center piece on our dining room table as well as around the living room to pull everything together! So glad I popped in!  Don't be afraid to check out your nearest dollar store for holiday decor, you never know what you might just find!! 


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