Handmade pottery

I don't know about any strange quirks you may have in your family, but in ours we have a few. One being our OCD tendencies to use specific mugs when drinking specific drinks. Did you follow? It's confusing and a bit weird, I admit. We have a special mug for when we drink hot chocolate, tea and of course coffee. These mugs, however, are extra special. My husband spent most of his childhood in Papua New Guinea, so when we were first given these handmade mugs it had a lot of sentimental value. Esthetically, they are gorgeous to look at and the design is very common to PNG culture. This specific set was a gift from my parents. A couple years back, we saw a man at our local farmers market selling a few items we recognized and it got our attention. Sure enough, he was Papua New Guinean. It's pretty amazing that you can find this beautiful pottery in a small Albertan town. We can't complain, we'll just take it! We now have four of these amazing mugs, I hope to just replace a lot of our common mugs with these one of a kind instead! 


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