I've been trying to figure out  a lot of things the last few months. Going back to school was a really good thing for me, but it got me wondering. I originally went back to get some more experience with the different forms of digital art so that I might improve as a photographer. Then I realized how much I was loving it all, which made it hard to pick a major. So, while I remain major-less I keep playing with the idea of what I want to call my future photography business and what my identity might look like. For now, I just call myself L Photography. Which is extremely unoriginal and uninspiring. In one of my classes, we were set out to design a web page and what that might look like. I decided to make a mock up of my photography site page. This does not exist and may never will. It was a fun experience though! I also played with names. I evolved from L Photography to L Foto. Wow. Big change, right? Ok, baby steps people! It was all in good fun anyway! 

By all means, if you have any suggestions for a photography business I'm all ears! 


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