Best Job Ever?

If I were to pick one thing I would want to be and be the best at, I would have to choose being a mother. Sometimes that's not always something you can do. I wish it was as easy as going to college and getting some four year degree and receive a fabulous diploma I can frame in my house. It's a bit more complicated than that. It takes time and patience. So, until then there are other things I can work hard at. Let's start with school and assignments.  Photography and building confidence. Being a better wife, friend, daughter. Can't forget working on my day to day attitude (that's a big one for me!). 

Here are a few jobs I thought would be interesting and fun as well! I am a huge fan of Modcloth and thought I would share it with you. They have an interesting post on  what they believe is the best job ever. Plus, they have almost everything you might be looking for! Let me know what you think! 


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  1. Anonymous6.6.11

    Indeed... There is no shortcut for becoming a mother. Although you are right: it is the best job in the World.The kind of job where you are constantly learning and growing with the little "projects". I know that the journey to become a mother can be a real hardship with some people: but one thing is for sure: once it happens, your baby will definitely have the best mom in the World. Take car, continue the photography: it looks lovely! xxx