Scalloped Sweet Potatoes with Vidalia Onion and English Cheddar

I love this! I contributed a side dish during our Christmas dinner with my husbands family. I wanted to do something that wasn't too typical and looked a bit impressive...as though I've been cooking forever and knew exactly what I was doing (only my husband knew otherwise)! I was given this recipe and had the opportunity to just go for something new! It was my first time preparing the dish and was a bit leery as to how it would taste and look. It ended up being  a very simple and extremely complimentary side to the delicious ham that was also being served! This is sure to be a recipe I might just have to hold on to it...it's just too tasty to let go! 

Note: You can easily substitute the Vidalia onion and English chedder with a simple white onion and American cheese. Can't mess it up too bad!

For the recipe, just click here! I am no expert at fancy cooking, so trust me when I say that you can do this! You'll even feel very domesticated afterward! Let me know if you give this a go, you don't have to wait until next Christmas to try it either! 


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