Print Blocks

During our trip to Northern California, during our holiday, we decided to hit up a few shops in the old historic downtown. Eureka, California is not only a beautiful area surrounded by trees, mountains and ocean, but the town itself is full of all sorts of cute little stores, amazing architecture and coffee shops. My kind of town, really: great for the outdoors and indoors. They also have amazing thrift stores to boot! 

Note: Check out this SUPER cute shop, Shipwreck. You can click here for more fun pics of their cute shop as well! If you love local, handmade goods among vintage treasures, you will appreciate this store! 

We visited one of my husbands favorite thrift stores in the area off of the 101. We were drawn to a box of mix matched print block letters. The wheels in our head began to turn and we decided to take a few home and do a little project. With a little glue, it's amazing what you can do! Now, we have a few decorative pieces for our home and possibly our little store! For 50c each, you can't go wrong. 

So, what did you think? Your comments would be most appreciated! 



  1. what a great and unique idea!! loved it..

  2. Anonymous31.12.10

    Very cute! And I recognize the signature vintage suitcase! Happy New Year! Be safe and God bless you guys! xxxx

  3. Thanks girls! Happy New Year with lots of love xoxox