The more we get together

It seems the more I get behind my camera, the more excited I feel that I am pursuing my passion! There is no better feeling than capturing something your passionate about and watch it come alive.  This month I have been so blessed to have a lot of bookings. I always get a bit nervous, because I want everything to go right and nothing to go wrong. This past week I had the opportunity to capture a wonderful family of three. They have been good friends of my husband and mine for a few years now. Their beautiful daughter happens to be a walking miracle. She is gorgeous, smiley, cute as a button and greatly loved. I am so blessed to do what I do and each time strive to get better. Here are a couple pictures from our shoot at dusk: 



  1. Lidy!!!!
    I love the pics!!!!!!!!!!!
    They all turned out super cute, and I love the way you edited them too! I am excited for Kevin to get home so I can show him too!!!
    Thanks Lidy!

  2. I am so glad you like them! It was so fun spending time with you guys, I am in love with Karsie and her cute little mannerisms. If you guys need anything else just let me know, I would not mind taking more pics of your beautiful family!