During Christmas, it seems we have started a new tradition in my family. Each year we unwrap a knitted treasure made especially by my mom. Last year we all received  scarves, but this year we were given a tuque (or beanies if you will). I am amazed at how quickly and beautifully my mom can knit her creations...they are so wonderfully made. I watch her as she knits away while watching a movie or visiting...I can hear the clicking from the needles and it's so comforting. These are the presents I will cherish forever, because I know it was made especially with love in mind (I don't care if that sounds cheesy...cause it just happens to be true)!  As I looked at the massive ball of yarn at my mothers feet, I realized that this is something I would like to try...again. Yes, I tried once a LONG time ago and knit my neice a very small scarf. Then, I got bored and moved on (like I do most things I try to get into). But, I'm ready to try again! There are so many things you can knit and have fun with, so we will see how far I get. Here are a few knitted things I love! 

Here are the lovely toques we received this Christmas! 

A cute little knit cupcake

Love this scarf!

And this one too!

Not sure what this is all about, but it looks fun...

Darling brooch

These are just too adorable!

Someone was hard at work here 



  1. Anonymous6.12.10

    It all looks gorgeous... but your smiling faces make the tuques even more adorable than the rest! Merry Christmas!

  2. Why are you always so sweet! How are things on your side of the blogging world?

    Merry Christmas!!!!!