Glittered Leaves

The other day we had a little storm blow through. It rained and poured and made a mess of our little neighborhood. Now, we have piles and piles of leaves around our home. My husband decided to start raking yesterday and I decided to be the helpful wife I am and help out too. Of course, I'm sure this isn't what he had in mind! I decided that some of the leaves were too beautiful to put in the trash, so I  collected a few to use as a little decor in our home. At least I can say I contributed a little bit in yard work!

This is a two minute craft! Go outside and hunt for something fun to put on display in your home....

I picked a few large leaves from two of our trees.

Spray with adhesive glue and sprinkle the glitter. 

I chose a little bit of silver and red, since it matches our Christmas tree. 

There you have it, another easy and simple project! 



  1. Anonymous11.12.10

    sparkling leaves, beautiful combination.x

  2. Thanks! It's done the cheap way, but I guess thats the point. Using what you have and sprucing it up a bit! Thanks for stopping by xo