Vintage Banner

Today, I finally got my sewing machine to work. Turns out, there wasn't anything wrong with it. Just me. It felt so good to sew a little something today. I had all this scrap material left over from other projects, so I decided to make a vintage banner. I loved the end result with all the strings of color! It was so easy to make and good for whipping up something cute for any occasion: birthdays, weddings, passing an important test, decor in a bedroom, or just because. It's great for any age too! Not to mention, it's even more fun when it's mixed and matched and far from perfect. It gives the banner a unique look, if that's what you're looking for of course! I'm going to be using this banner for our booth at the Faire. I have a lot more sewing to do for that, so I better get started! 


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