Summer Swoon 

One of my favorite hot spots this summer is Ventura.  It's a gem hidden between the mountains and the ocean. The perfect distance to drive, have a day at the beach, grab some food and do a little shopping. 

This time around, I came across a fairly new store that instantly sucked me in. Located in the El Jardin Patio, you will find Love Fox Vintage, a quaint little shop that surprises your senses with it's warm and inviting interior. From ceiling to floor you will find all things recycled and restored. It's a haven for those that are searching for one of a kind items and for those that dare to be different while doing it in style. They carry vintage pieces from the 50s to 80s, as well as handmade jewelry. Their mission is simple: to encourage their community and beyond that there is more to love in the not-so-new. It's a brave stance to encourage people to try something different than their regular spots in a stuffy mall. You can find Love Fox Vintage on Etsy, facebook or their blog! I encourage you to check them out, you won't be disappointed! 


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