Simply cute

I went on a girl date with my mother while in Canada. We perused the shops of a trendy area of Edmonton, Alberta: Whyte Ave. There you will find one of a kind shops, selling one of a kind items. Today I was fascinated with this one particular item I came across at a shop called Colour Blind. There you will find name brands, but also local artists work. One of these artists calls herself Mismatch Accessories. Oddly enough her blog centers around food; however, it is her lovely handmade rosette necklace that caught my eye. The rosette necklace is a delicate piece of jewelry. Not only that, but it's super easy to recreate and the sky is the limit to your design taste. Now you can see what you're made of when it comes to your creative side. I think this is on my list of DIY's. How wonderful that we can save a few dollars and create our own fashion piece! It's wonderful, indeed.


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