Your figure, Ladies

I realize that in order to stay fit and feel good about my body, I have to participate in exercise and good eating habits. Easier said than done. For me anyway. The last few weeks I've been trying to come up with a workout routine that will keep me going to the gym consistently and actually looking forward to it.I've been running 30 min, riding the bike 15 min and doing weight machines for another 30 minutes. Results: I hate my life. The routine is so boring and I seem to have hit a plateau. Because of my attitude, my routine happens once or twice a week. The weird thing is, I feel more lazy than ever! It wasn't until today, that I went to an exercise class. I realized that was the push I needed. There is something about being surrounded by people that are all there for the same reasons as you. Some pushing harder than others, which motivates me to work hard and not slack off on some of the drills. Not to mention, when it was all over I felt excited to go again!  There was a  sudden boost of confidence that reminded me why I should make it a habit to be healthy. I am going to really try my best to make it a priority to go to the gym a few times a week throughout the year. Not just when summer is approaching and I'm nervous to put on shorts or a bathing-suit. It has to be more than looking good, I have to feel good about myself. Then it doesn't matter what I look like. To all you ladies feeling discouraged, take heart! You will find your niche. Don't be afraid to try new things, it might be exactly what your body needs. 

Monday: Successful 

Maybe I shouldn't look so far ahead.....baby steps. 


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