A little project

I love the ideas some people come up with! I feel inspired and excited to start new projects to make my home look a little more unique! This is one I found while reading a blog I LOVE! The instructions are easy...this is something I'm going to be working on myself! I can't wait....

What you’ll need:
– a large pile of heavy books, including a phonebook or something similar
– frames
– several fronds from ferns or other flat leafed plants
– rubber cement
– decorative paper, like pretty old kraft paper
1. Locate and clip a few different varieties of fern fronds or other flat leafed plants. These can be from your garden or something found growing in between the sidewalk cracks, doesn’t matter!

2. When you’ve clipped your ferns, hold them up against the background of your frame and trim the bottoms, stripping some of the leaves to fit if necessary. You can also decide on the basic layout of your specimens. Should they curl to the right or left? Up and down?

3. Each frond will need to be pressed dry for a week inside the pages of a heavy phone book or encyclopedia. Warning- now is not the time get out your lovely Taschen art book collection, this process will leave your pages bumpy so it’s best to use a book you don’t mind getting a little messy! Once your specimens are in between a page of their own, place several heavy books on top of them and leave alone for a week.

4. Just a few small dabs of rubber cement are all it takes to keep them from shifting in their frames.

Nurture your inner botanist by collecting bits of plants here and there and starting a wall of pressed plant specimens. For extra credit, add latin name, common name, date of collection and location!


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