Vintage Eclectic

Have you ever had someone ask you what your decorating style is? I have. Sometimes I even go ahead and explain it before they ask, especially when people pay a visit to our home. It has always been so hard to explain, until now! I was reading the REAL SIMPLE magazine the other day. There was this article called, "What's your decorating style?". I did the little visual quiz that was suppose to help me become a mini expert on design. The results were impressive. I know it's too late to paint the walls of my crazy house or go buy new furniture and knick knacks. However, I was happy to hear the end result of this style guide because it sounded exactly what my house had become over this past year and a half.

"A rich, layered look combining flea-market finds, designs from various time periods, and a diverse collection of accessories and artwork. Dusty colors, timeworn or handmade textiles, and collected objects create a lived-in feel. Think Paris flea markets, Granny's teacups, the film Grey Gardens".

Wow! If you could see our house, you would have to agree. Vintage Eclectic defines my home. So, I decided to post a few pictures of our house to give you the feel for what I'm talking about. Hope you enjoy and feel inspired!

To get a Vintage Eclectic look, check out stores like Anthropologie, ABC Home, Brocade Home, John Derian and Lars Bolanger. That's what the article says anyway. I say, keep your eyes peeled for flea market finds, garage sale fixer-uppers, and antique's. This can be cheaper and a lot more rewarding when you fix things up yourself and see the finishing product. Plus, it's a lot of fun to hunt down one of a kind pieces.


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