Ok, so I LOVE the world of photography! I find so much inspiration through pictures. I've been getting into photography a bit in the last year. It's one of those things you want to be good at right away, but it's painfully slow and there's so much to be learned. I kind of randomly started taking photography seriously. Or was it random?

I like to think of my life being recorded in a series of pictures. It would be much more interesting to go back and view it that way. I imagine one day I will be able to pull an album from a shelf in heaven and recall each moment picture by picture. Even now, I find myself regularly going through stacks of old photos. Some I throw out and sometimes I add new ones.
There are so many types of amazing photography! I love the exaltation you feel behind a picture of landscape, nature or even weather photography; the craving you acquire in adventure, exploration and travel photography; the connection you make behind your camera with people and cultures. There are so many more, but all have the same inspirational affect. The more I get behind my camera, the more I respect the hobby and profession. I hope to give people the gift of emotion that adds to their lives in some small way. And isn't that what life should reflect? The adding to others and giving, rather than gaining and withholding for our own pleasure? Anyways, I've come to realize there is so much more to photography than a simple point and shoot. And it's not always about having a good eye or good technique, although it helps out tremendously. There are things you cannot explain when you find something that brings you joy, understanding, purpose and confidence. It's as though God gave me this gift and desire so He could communicate ever so thoughtfully and impart a side of Him I have not known yet.


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