Fabric Feathers D.I.Y

Do you have a lot of extra fabric hanging around from previous projects? If not, you should just come over to my house and take some of mine! I even took a trip to the fabric store anyway to see what they had on discount and sure enough, I came home with a few more scraps to add to the rest. But they were so cute! Here is a great way to use all that spare fabric laying around the craft room!  Grab a friend or two, because this is a great craft to do with someone! It's fun and so easy! 

(1) First you will need an assortment of fabric, whatever you choose! You will also be needing a hot glue gun (you can also use Avery permanent glue stick) and floral wire. You will be using regular sewing scissors to cut strips of fabric, as well as fine tipped fabric scissors for all the details. These supplies are easy to find at any craft/fabric store. 

(2) Once you have all you need the instructions are quite simple. Cut out a piece of fabric big enough for your feather to be cut from. (3) Lay out your fabric so you have a bottom and top piece (size of fabric depends on how big or small you would like your feathers to be). Lay the bottom piece down and hot glue the floral wire in the center of the fabric, making sure to  leave some room at the top so your wire isn't going to be poking out at the top. (4) Place the top piece of fabric over the bottom and floral wire. Make sure to press hard so that it's nice and even and there are no bubbles or bumps. If your fabric is too flimsy, you may want to hot glue the rest of the fabric together, otherwise stiff fabric will be fine just being hot glued in the center. (5) Next, you will take your fine tipped fabric scissors and cut the shape of your feather (you can draw one out ahead of time on a piece of paper and use it as a guide). Cut slits along the side to your liking to create a feathery look. (6) Once you are done putting them together, you can even twist them together if you desire or leave them on their own. I did a bit of both. It's as simple as that! If you need further instructions, click here

Step 1

Step 1 continued

Step 2

Step 2 continued 

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6 (optional)

I love mine and hope to do some more in the future for other occasions! It's addictive, so be careful! 

Thanks so much for taking a peek, hope you enjoy!! 


  1. I love these! Such a cute little idea!

  2. Love this... And actually might put it to use later this year since I am making my own wedding flowers out of fabric and buttons... A few of these interspersed in them might look really cute!!!

  3. Thanks ladies :) It was Super fun and really easy! I think these would look sooooo cute in a bouquet, sounds like it's going to be fantastically hand made...love it!