Repurposed: Vintage Retro Knitting Basket

This weekend was fabulous, I must say! The weather finally cooled down and even had a bit of chill in the air. Yes, we actually put on light sweaters for the first half of the day....progress people. My husband and I decided that since it was the beginning of a new month and the weather seemed to cool down a bit, we would go out and see if we could find any yard sales. The weekend before was pitiful. To our amazement, there were quite a few! Of course, none of them had anything we were particularly looking for but we still found some unique treasures. 

I spotted some retro items at a yard sale of an elderly couple who were hoping to get rid of some old stuff. That always makes me happy because I know they have the kind of items I would be interested in. Plus, they are usually in fabulous condition. I spotted a couple vintage knitting baskets and couldn't help but be drawn to them. The patterns and material were straight out of the 60s and looked too cute to pass. I bought one for a $1 and I am kicking myself for not just getting the other one, even though I wasn't a huge fan of the material or color. Oh well, lessons must be learned. I am not  a knitter, but I thought I could still use it for something....I decided a magazine holder for now. Who knows, I might use it for something else in the future! 

I am very satisfied with my little find. Sometimes you just have to accept the small things, knowing the bigger treasures will be found soon enough! 


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