Thanksgiving makeover

My husband and I decided that after three years of living with our brightly colored walls, it was time for a change! I couldn't be happier. 

Stage 1: A few years ago when we were moving into our home I was in such a rush to get some color on our walls. The walls were horrid. Here is a before picture when we first bought our home. It was a foreclosure and a huge fixer upper. I don't know what we were thinking when I look back, but somehow we got through it and made it our home. 

Stage 2: After picking out the colors for our home, we quickly realized that they were much to bright and overbearing. But when you have 15 people over to help get this project rolling, you go with the flow and suck it up. Too late for last minute changes. I think it ended up suiting my husband and I very well. We were a newly wed couple, young, artsy and childless. Why not have your house funky! Here is what our home looked like after the big renovation. As you can see it was a huge improvement, but still needs a bit of work. Notice the crazy patterns and old striped couch! Yikes, what were we thinking?! 

Stage 3: Now, here we are looking at our home needing to update it again....I'm telling you. With these older homes, it's always a battle. A fun battle though! Things have been moved in and out and all around. The walls, however, are still bright yellow in our living/dining area and red in our little nook. It is time to tone things down. We are ready to mature a bit and enter into that new stage of life! Thankfully we updated our couch to a gray and modern sectional. It really helped calm the room down. Here is where we are at presently.

We ditched the striped couch
and brought in a modern sectional

The gray in the couch really tones down the walls

Curved ceilings can be problematic
when painting with such bright color

Dining area and living area are one large room 

Our nook is also very bright

A little built in bench

Stage 4: So here is what we are thinking! While everyone is enjoying their Thanksgiving with friends and family, we are going to be busy bees at our home painting and updating! We are getting rid of our bright yellow ceiling by adding picture rail to separate the two and hopefully have an actual ceiling by painting it white!! The red walls are going and replacing the red with a light, but modern gray for our nook. Since the walls are going to be dramatically different than before, we will need to change out some curtains and perhaps make some pillows with color so our living room doesn't end up too drab! We will keep you posted as we pick out our paint, drapes, rugs and some new furniture pieces! We have a month and a bit to plan and then its game time!!! I can't wait! If you have any suggestions, I am all ears! 


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