A cute find

My eyes are always open for something unique and different for our home. Which is why we end up at thrift stores looking for new DIY projects. I'm sure I shared this before, but our entire home is full of refurbished furniture. The only new thing we have bought in 4 years of marriage is our couch! It's something that we love to do. We absolutely enjoyed having a booth at our local peddlers fair last year, we have so much stuff we need to share it! 

This week we had my family come into town. It's always a treat when they visit because we have an excuse to take them to all out favorite places such as the LA Farmer's Market. There we walked around and drooled over all the food, candy shops and bakeries. I spotted some super cute M-Cups: matryoshkas made to measure. I'm not opposed to buying new things for the kitchen, although we do use vintage mixing bowls and coffee mugs. I just didn't think this was something I needed, although I loved. One of the perks for having family in town? They always seem to buy you stuff! Yes, moments later the measuring cups were mine. Thanks to my loving and persistent family!

What I love about these measuring cups compared to others is there unique and vintage detail. I have always loved the Russian dolls that stack one inside the other and now I have a use for them. Each side of the cup has a measurement: 1 Cup, 3/4 Cup, 2/3 Cups, 1/2 Cup, 1/3 Cup and 1/4 Cup. They are perfect and cute as can be! 


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