Inspired by vintage

Adorable Laundry room

I have been putting together little inspiration boards up in my head lately. There are so many cute ideas out there for decorating your home and I don't know what direction I would want to go. If only someone could hire me to just do all the work....decorate! I could get some of these creative juices flowing. For my home, I just love too many things: I love the simple grays, the white on white with bursts of color, the beach look, the modern look, and even the eclectic and funky look. What to do?! 

Luckily, we won't be doing any remodeling anytime soon. My hopes are to redo our guest room in the near future, so I am tossing around ideas until we can use the room for something very special.  These are a few items I was inspired by today. Who knows what it will be tomorrow! I just spend way too much time browsing the web.

Simple alarm clock

Displayed vintage ware

Vintage tins...we have a lot of these

Mix a bit of modern with vintage

Fun entryway 

Darling room


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