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At last my husband and I decided to buy our first piece of new furniture. All our other belongings are either bought from yard sales, thrift shops, or hand me downs.  We decided it was time to get rid of our old couch and bring in something more functional and suitable for our oddly shaped living room. I have been shopping around for a sectional and if anyone has realized by now, they are not cheap. It was hard being on a budget. I had been looking for months and began to lose hope. I really didn't want to get another couch that could only fit 4 people. We love having friends and family over, so it could become an issue. One day, we made a trip to Costco for some grocery items and I noticed they had 2 sectionals on display. My heart skipped a beat, but was worried about the price. One of them was a 6 piece sectional, which could be useful when your living room is difficult to work with like ours. The only problem was the color; it was chocolate brown and would look horrible with our yellow walls (that is a whole other story...soon to be told). The second was a three piece sectional and a tan/grey color. The price wasn't cheap, but it wasn't terribly expensive either. It was soft, comfortable and lovely. After much debate and discussion we returned 2 days later and bought our new fabulous couch! I am a very happy house wife and have been enjoying it ever since, not to mention, so has our company! 


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