Like a kid again

* photograph is not my own....so cute though!

So, today is my first day back to school. I feel like a kid again! I have those butterflies in my belly and the overwhelming feeling of expectation and hope.  I haven't been back to college for over 3 years. Since I got married, I've just worked and allowed my wonderful husband to finish up his degree. Now, it's my turn to get back to the grind! I'm not going to lie, it sounds so much easier said than done. I think I've become lazy over all these years. The idea of homework and studying is a bit foreign to me, but it has to be done. I know in a little bit, I will find my groove and a healthy balance between work, school, blogging, and play. 

Thank you to all my followers for supporting me in so many ways. Your encouraging words always brighten up the gloomiest days! I will never take that for granted, you are much appreciated! 

Which reminds me...any advice girls, as I search for some balance in the next few months? I could use all the help I can get my hands on! 

Love to you all, I hope your day is wonderfully splendid! Wish me luck as I face a day of excitement and wonder! 



  1. I signed up for classes this semester too! However I'm not looking forward to the excitement and nervous feeling you get with the first day (my first meeting is tonite). Just devote a certain amount of time to studies...I'm doing like 3 hrs a day (since I work full-time) I still need to have time to myself and for my blog. And try to have everything done by the weekend or Sunday so that time can be for you n your hubby. Good Luck!

  2. Anonymous18.1.11

    Well... you have to be ready to sacrifice a few things once in a while: trying to do it all will only run you down. Without procrastinating, set certain dates for tasks and give yourself time. This might mean that you'll go to the coffee shop 2 hours before meeting your friend, to study. The meeting part is the reward! Also: LISTS! I live by them. Make sure to have a good old day planner that fits in your bag/purse to note little things. When they are all written down, it's less overwhelming.

    Good luck! xx

  3. I've been going to school for a while now and just seemed to get the hang of time management it seems.

    The best advice I can offer is ten minutes is a lot of time. Five minutes is too. It sounds ridiculous, but the five or ten minutes here and there between leaving the house or before going to bed are life savers. Whether you're picking up around the house, finishing homework, or taking some you time - squeezing it in during those few precious minutes is much easier than always trying to devote hours to it. Life just doesn't work that way all the time.

    Best of luck!


  4. I'm your newest follower...found you on 20 SB. Your blog is right up my alley! I create Hand Made and Lovely jewelry. A lot of my pieces bring new life to vintage jewelry.

    I started blogging last summer, and it was easy for me to keep up with everything while I was out of school. Once the Fall semester started back up, I fell out of the blogging world almost completely. I also left my Etsy shop un-updated for the entire semester. This year I made a resolution to blog regularly. I made myself a chart for each day outlining possible blog topics. I think this will really help me keep my resolution.

    Good luck to you, and I hope you continue blogging!


  5. Girls,

    It was such a treat to read all your advice. I truly will take it ALL to heart! I think all your suggestions were wonderful and I am going to use every single bit of your ideas...since I obviously don't have any of my own ;)

    One thing I am SO thankful for, is starting this new adventure blogging. I feel like I have new friends that I can go to when I might not have the answer. Even when it's silly time management dilemmas like today! So good to have wonderful people out there who are willing to give so much to a stranger!

    Thanks for reading my blog, can't wait to read all of yours!!


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