I was daydreaming a little today. Mostly about places I would like to see, things I would like to do, projects I would like to start and hopefully complete. I guess for some people, it's easy to say "been there, done that". I know countless people that have travelled all around the world, have done so much with their life and do some of the most creative things. For me, I'm not too sure if it's just a wish list for now....or maybe a to do list....or maybe even a never-will-do list. At least, I can dream for now and hope that I can put little check marks beside each one of these one day. I will be happy if it's even just one.  

::One:: Travel, especially Europe
::Two:: Find a treasure at a flew market
::Three:: Be a mother
::Four:: Find old furniture to fix and resell
::Five:: Open a cute shop of some sort
::Six:: Invest in more camera equipment 
::Seven:: Move closer to family
::Eight:: Have tea with my Oma's more often
::Nine:: Not say a negative thing for a month
::Ten:: Eat a peanut butter spoon once a week
::Eleven:: Dance again
::Twelve:: Stop worrying
::Thirteen:: Be a better cook/baker/dress maker
::Fourteen:: Pick up my guitar at least once a month
::Fifteen:: Be a faithful friend, wife, daughter
::Sixteen:: Have a Llama who lives in a field where we can play
::Seventeen:: Be a decorator and creative artist of anything
::Eighteen::  Say I love you more often to people I love
::Nineteen:: Be more motivated to clean, organize, and sham-wow my home 
::Twenty:: Be more active indoors, outdoors, whatever


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