A Fun little Table

My husband and I love to go around and look for old things that have potential. Our whole house has item upon item of old things made new. My friend and I decided we would try to start little projects here and there. This is one that we remembered to take pictures of. This old table was at an auction and we bought it for $2. My husband found some paint that was on sale from Home Depot, which only cost us an extra $4. We washed the table down, made sure it was dry and sanded it. Once the table was sanded we wiped it down again and started to paint. The paint might have been on sale because of its bright color, but it's perfect if you want a piece of furniture in your home that pops. The end result was a fabulous eclectic table that grabs your attention in any room. The best part is, it only cost us $6! 


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