Bike Month

I guess, where I'm from, this month is "Bike Month" which means you do all things bike. My husband and I went for a 15 mile bike ride where I was able to average a 15 mile speed on my little pink cruiser. The day was beautiful, the river was full of water (where normally it is dry and bare), flowers blooming, cool breeze flowing and tons of people on the bike path. My heart rate shot through the roof. My leg muscles were in anguish. My bottom was numb. Wish I could do this everyday!

I urge you: hop on your bike, borrow a bike, buy a used bike, don't steal a bike. Get out there, because now is a time more than ever to find an excuse to get around without the car. If the weather permits, I think I will try to get most places on my little pink cruiser.

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