Mason Jar: One-of-a-kind picture frame

Today I had to go back one last time to the Peddler's Fair to see if there were any other items I just had to bring home. We walked out of there with a few things, one of them being a couple old, rusted mason jars. I love these jars for so many reasons...they can be used for a variety of things in the home. Not just for canning! 

I came across this fabulous idea for using mason jars as one-of-a-kind picture frames. The directions are simple and the result is cute. My husband thinks its even a bit creepy, which is perfect for the Halloween season! 

First, get a clean mason jar you think you can fit a standard size photograph in (4x6). I loved the jars I found at the peddler's fair because the lids are nice and rusty. It gives it a more antique look.  

Then, place the photograph in the jar however you would like it to face. I decided to do two pictures so that no matter what way the jar would turn, you would see a photograph. 

Lastly, pour oil in the jar over the picture slowly until the jar is full. There you go, easy as that! Now you have a unique frame for the home!  

Optional: You can tie a ribbon or string around the top to add a little something extra. Depends on you! 

Like I said before,  this would also make great decor for the Halloween season. There's just something so very creepy about it! 



  1. Anonymous9.3.13

    What type of oil did you use?

  2. Anonymous19.3.13

    will the oil fades your pictures?

  3. Anonymous14.6.13

    I add lavender as the stuff grows like weeds here. Smells nice and looks cool.

  4. Anonymous29.7.13

    can you use baby oil instead of cooking oil so it will be clear instead of yellow looking?

  5. do you need to laminate the picture?

  6. Do you need to glue the pic to the jar?

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